April Hepperle for Prescott Valley Town Council
Our town should reflect the needs of the people that live here
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What I stand for
April is running for Town Council because she believes that local politics should reflect the needs and goals of the people that live there.
The Candidate

About April

April moved to Prescott Valley in 1994 at the age of 10. She has always loved the lifestyle and pace of the town. April has been married to her husband, Matt, since 2002, and they have two kids together, Chloe, age 15 and MJ, age 12. 

April has been a realtor for the last five years, and enjoys helping people through the sometimes challenging or confusing process of buying or selling a house. She also has the full-time job of supporting her children in their respective endeavors of dance and baseball.

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The Issues

How I will fight for our community

I want what many of the residents want: opportunity that doesn't come at the expense of quality of life; a town that can maintain the character and charm that we all love; and continued opportunity for the next generation.

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