About April

April is a wife, mother, and small-business woman in real estate in Prescott Valley.   She’s lived in Prescott Valley since 1994. Her husband, Matt, is a Prescott Valley native and a 17-year officer of Prescott Valley PD. They were married at the Prescott Resort in 2002 (18 years this September). April and Matt have a 15-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. Matt and both kids were born at YRMC in Prescott. The Hepperle kids have three sets of grandparents in the PV area, and April’s grandma lives in Prescott; April’s connection to Prescott Valley is deep-rooted.

When April’s daughter was about 6 months old, she made the decision to be a stay-at-home mother and work at other things from home, including her business.  Five years ago, April earned her real estate license and began her current career as a realtor.  She loves being able to help people through one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make, and eliminate the intimidating process of buying or selling a home.  In addition to her real estate business,  April also dabbles in professional photography and is an ISSA certified personal trainer as well as a certified Buti yoga instructor. 

April has loved Prescott Valley from the moment she settled here 26 years ago. She quickly discovered a love of horses and spent her tween and teen years mucking, feeding, training and showing. When she was 17, she moved to Tempe and became the youngest employee to ever work at the State Farm Regional Office there (now known as the Tempe Operations Center). After just two years in Tempe, April came back home to Prescott Valley and began working for a local State Farm agent. She was fully licensed in auto/fire and life/health and was also certified to sell their bank products. She worked there for four years.  

But ultimately, her first priority is being available to her family as a wife and mother. Home-school, homework, baseball practices, dance lessons; “it is the job that never stops but it is the most satisfying as well.”

“I am seeking a seat on the Town Council because I want my children to have all the opportunities I have had - and then some- staying right here in our town.  I can best ensure this by running for and being elected to the town council this year.

I want what many of the residents want: opportunity that doesn't come at the expense of quality of life;  a town that can maintain the character and charm that we all love; and continued opportunity for the next generation.  Thoughtful leadership is expected by the citizens of Prescott Valley and, as we enter these uncertain times, I believe I can provide that historical perspective and vision for the future.”
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