April Hepperle - 4th of July in Prescott Valley

This Independence Day is very different than any I've experienced in my lifetime. Our current circumstances have made me reflect on service, what it means to me, how much I have grown, and how our community has sculpted the person I am today. In 1993, I came to Prescott Valley as a quiet, introverted 10-year old. I’ve seen a lot of growth and development since then…and the town has changed quite a bit, too. 

By the time I was 14, I was president of my equine 4-H club. I discovered early-on that I was inclined to put myself in new or challenging situations if it meant making things even just a little bit easier for those around me. This was the beginning of what would eventually be my life philosophy: Lead by example. Don’t ask anyone to do what I myself am not willing to do. Encourage others to get out of their comfort zones by walking outside of mine on a daily basis. 

At 19, I passed the state exams required to get fully licensed to sell auto/fire and life/health insurance, and began working for a local State Farm agent. Here was my first opportunity to really get to know the people of the community and work to meet their needs. I soon grew to consider my clients as friends, and enjoyed watching their lives grow and improve as they went from renters’ coverage to homeowners’, added a new driver to the household, or finally traded in that older car for a new model. The only thing that could tear me away from my policyholder family was the beginning of my own. 

After a couple years of marriage, my husband and I started our own family and I choose to become a stay-at-home mom. We were blessed by my husband’s job as PV police officer to be able to make this choice, as I know it is not available to everyone in a small town with limited career opportunities. Around this same time, we also purchased our very first home in Phase 1 of Granville. 

During my time as a homemaker, I became a certified personal trainer, took online classes in the Yavapai College Health and Wellness certificate program, and trained as a yoga instructor. As my children got older and started attending school, I was able to work part time meeting a whole new need in the community: proper diet and overall fitness. Nothing is more personally empowering than empowering others with knowledge to change their lives for the better. To tell someone that they are worth it, and what they are doing is worth it, and the fact that it is hard it what makes it so very worth it. 

Always up for a challenge and the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and learn something new, I eventually decided to get my real estate license. My real estate clients over the last four years have consisted almost entirely of people I already knew within the town, and referrals from those people after I helped them buy or sell a home. Real estate has given me the opportunity to get to know the town itself even better, as well as the benefits and challenges faced by the members of the town when they choose to make this life-changing decision. 

Throughout my years as a member of the community, I have volunteered as dance team manager, strength and conditioning Little League coach, and church greeter. I have taken part in several Child Safety Days, Bowl for Kids’ Sake events and Prevent Child Abuse AZ teen development days. I believe this kind of service is needed more than ever before. Independence Day is special because we celebrate our country and that American Spirit to do better and live the American Dream. As a potential town council member, I see many new and diverse opportunities to positively affect my town like it has for me, and I can’t wait to get started as your next Prescott Valley Town Councilmember. You can learn more about me at AprilforTownofPV.com or contact me at April@AprilforTownofPV.com

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