Where I Stand

The Issues

My efforts and goals are centered around the issues I hold dear and the issues I believe the citizens of Prescott Valley care about. My goal as a member of the Town Council of Prescott Valley will be the prioritization of the items that follow and how they will impact our future as a community.


Continue to work with experts to create long-term sustainable water plans that will support both residential and economic development, as well as reach the town’s goal of safe-yield by 2025.

Reach out to the public and provide opportunities for discussion and education regarding the true water situation in Prescott Valley.


Support growth of the town in a way that best serves all members of the community.

Take an active role in the expansion of a feeling of community among residents. As a town grows in population, the opportunity for community-based activities and involvements also grows. Let’s meet our neighbors, find common interests and cultivate a feeling of “home” no matter the population size. 

Economic Development

Seek to market Prescott Valley to key industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, medical and education in order to develop a business-friendly identity for the town. As these services become available and/or improve within the town, the quality of life for every citizen will also improve. 

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